Amazon PPC Management

Lower Your Acos By Adding Irrelevant Search Keyword

Boost the Visibility of Your Products

Finding Best Seller, Amazon Choice, Organic and Seed Keywords for your Relevant Keywords

What’s Included in the Blueprint?​

Finding Seed Keywords For Your Products
Setting Up The Proper Campaign Structure
PPC Entourage’s Core 4 Campaign Set Up
Campaign Optimization
Finding Seed Keywords For Your Products
    • Keyword Variations


    • Negative Phrases


    • Auto Campaigns


    • Free Resources


Setting Up The Proper Campaign Structure
    • Negative Match Type


    • Start & End Dates


    • Bidding (Auto)


    • Product Targeting


    • Budgets


    • Keywords & Bids (Manual)


PPC Entourage’s Core 4 Campaign Set Up


    • Automatic Campaign


    • Bonus Campaigns
      (Auto Low Campaign, Competition/Brand Name Campaign, and More)


    • Research/ACoS Scraping Campaign


    • Product Targeting Campaign


Campaign Optimization


    • Phase 1 – Bulk Optimization


    • SKU Optimization


    • Search Term Optimization


    • Phase 2 – Individual Campaign Optimization


    • New Bid


    • Negative Word Finder


    • Keyword Optimizer


    • Phase 3 – Autopilot Mode


Discover the Benefits of Amazon PPC Management

Help increase your sales

Consumers come to Amazon willing and ready to make a purchase. With the help of advertising, you can better target shoppers who are already looking to purchase products like yours.

Get in front of more shoppers

Advertising can give your brand and products an instant boost in visibility. Ads are strategically displayed in highly visible places, like on product detail pages or on the first page of search results, to easily grab shopper attention..

Control your costs

Only pay for the clicks your ads receive. You can track your ad spend and performance through your campaign reports, so you can see what’s working, and what’s not, and adjust your campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

Keyword Match Types

Choosing the right keyword match type is paramount to helping you reach customers and drive more sales.

  • Broad match offers the widest traffic exposure. In this case, your ad may appear when a shopper searches for your keyword in any order, including close variations.
  • Phrase match is slightly more restrictive than broad match, but it can drive more relevant traffic to your ads. Your ad may appear when a shopper searches for either your exact phrase or sequence of words in your keyword.
  • Exact match is the most restrictive match type, but it can help drive the most relevant traffic. In order for your ad to show, a shopper’s search term must match your keyword exactly.
  • Negative phrase and negative exact matches help you maximize relevant clicks and minimize irrelevant keywords. Applying a negative match type to keywords in your campaigns prevents your ads from showing when a customer searches for those terms.

Amazon PPC Management Best Practices

Sponsored Product ads

  • Use keyword suggestions and track performance to help optimize future campaigns
  • Target keywords most relevant to the products you’re promoting
  • Set the maximum bid you are willing to pay for a click

Sponsored Brand ads

  • Target keywords that are most relevant to the products on your ad’s page
  • Maximize impressions for your ad using phrase and broad match
  • Use engaging headlines to help drive clicks

Sponsored Display ads

  • Utilize targeting options to run ads on desktop and mobile devices
  • Ads can run on product detail pages as well as other Amazon pages
  • Auto-generated display creative helps to inspire purchases and maintain the consistent look and feel familiar with shopping on Amazon