Amazon PPC Management

Lower Your Acos By Adding Irrelevant Search Keyword

Boost the Visibility of Your Products

Finding Best Seller, Amazon Choice, Organic and Seed Keywords for your Relevant Keywords

Help increase your sales

Consumers come to Amazon willing and ready to make a purchase. With the help of advertising, you can better target shoppers who are already looking to purchase products like yours.

Get in front of more shoppers

Advertising can give your brand and products an instant boost in visibility. Ads are strategically displayed in highly visible places, like on product detail pages or on the first page of search results, to easily grab shopper attention..

Control your costs

Only pay for the clicks your ads receive. You can track your ad spend and performance through your campaign reports, so you can see what’s working, and what’s not, and adjust your campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

Amazon PPC Management Best Practices

  • Use keyword suggestions and track performance to help optimize future campaigns
  • Target keywords most relevant to the products you’re promoting
  • Set the maximum bid you are willing to pay for a click
  • Target keywords that are most relevant to the products on your ad’s page
  • Maximize impressions for your ad using phrase and broad match
  • Use engaging headlines to help drive clicks
  • Utilize targeting options to run ads on desktop and mobile devices
  • Ads can run on product detail pages as well as other Amazon pages
  • Auto-generated display creative helps to inspire purchases and maintain the consistent look and feel familiar with shopping on Amazon

Finding a product with high demand, low competition and best price requires lot of experience and research. MMF amazaon product research service will help you in discovering a product that not only sells but is also easy to ship, has good margins and involves no legal or category issues. MMF will also help you in finding the suppliers of the product from various sourcing sites like alibaba, aliexpress, etc.

Product Listing and Management

Running an amazon store can take lot of work. The faster your products are uploading, the faster you can make sales. MMF amazon account managers will upload each of your product details meticulously.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads can help your products reach more customers and increase your sales to a greater extent. But in this highly competitive eCommerce marketplace, it is essential that you set the right bids, add the relevant and targetted keywords and target the right audience. MMF Amazon PPC experts will set up the optimised campaign and help you in getting maximum return on investment (ROI).

Brand Registry and Protection

Amazon Brand Registry program is for the manufacturers or sellers who own the branded products and own the trademark. At MMF, we will help you in applying for brand registry program and beyond that we will also help you in protecting your brand.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Third Party seller on Amazon have many ways to promote products. A+ content and Enhanced brand content is one the way which can increase your conversions by up to 20%. EBC provides ehanced placement of text and images which in turn helps your customer to make more informed decision. MMF EBC experts will help you in designing and creating the best layout for your brand.

Inventory management

With our amazon inventory management services, we will keep your stock up-to-date. This will help you in calculating accurate timeframe required for shipping any specific item to your customers. MMF ecommerce inventory management service ensures that your sales order is in sych with your stock levels and orders.

Amazon SEO & marketing

In order to improve the product visibility in search results, your products and listings must be optimised with an aim to maximize conversions. At MMF, our trained ecommerce specialist will optimise your product listings and will deliver high quality Amazon SEO Services.

Customer Support

Success of your store depends not only on how well-managed and updated your store is but also on how you handle your customers. MMF Amazon Customer Support Services will help you to troubleshoot the problems of your customers quickly, improve service levels, respond to the queries and attain higher customer customer satisfaction.